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Our Services

  • Site Evaluation, Engineering, Permit and Incentive processing.
  • Authorized Reseller of multiple EV Charging Station Hardware and Software platforms.
  • Licensed electrical contractor experienced in building EV infrastructure.
  • We ensure your organization is aware of and is taking advantage of all government and private incentives including programs that add additional value to the property or facility.
  • We provide Operation and Maintenance services post installation to keep your system operating at its peak performance.

Workplace and Commercial EV Charging Solutions

Regardless of the size of your business, PPR offers turnkey EV charging solutions that fit your needs and the number of EVs in your fleet. The PPR team has experience working with businesses and commercial facilities in the design, installation and operation of EV charging systems.

Multi-unit EV Charging Solutions

Installing EV charging stations in your building offers a competitive edge, accommodating current EV-driving tenants while attracting new ones. This addition adds value to your property and showcases your commitment to sustainability.

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Benefits of an EV Fleet and Charging Stations

  • Spend less on fleet vehicle fuel and maintenance costs
  • Enhance your brand reputation as an organization committed to sustainability
  • Increase employee and customer satisfaction
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Provide a revenue source from customer charging

Fleet Operations
From small business with as few as two EVs, to large companies with large fleets of service vehicles, PPR provides turnkey EV charging solution. L2 and L3 EV charging solutions can be economical to install while lowering operating costs compared to running a typical fleet of internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles.

Company Vehicles, Motor Pools, Passenger Transportation & Livery
Operators of shuttle bus, school bus, private passenger, limousine, and taxi services, can install depot-style charging solutions to accommodate fleets of any size.

Delivery & Logistics
Switching to EV for delivery and logistics companies lowers ongoing operating and maintenance costs. If you’re considering adding EV’s your fleet of delivery vehicles, take full advantage to all local, state and federal incentives and tax credits available. There is no better time to install EV charging at your facility

Apartments and Condominiums
Installing EV Charging stations at your residential rental, condominium or mixed use property is easy and cost-effective. With incentives for infrastructure make-ready improvements, there is no better time to install L2 and L3 EV charging for your tenants.

Hospitality, Entertainment, Retail, Healthcare & Parking Facilities
Whether you operate a hotel, entertainment venue, retail plaza, healthcare facility or parking facility, PPR can provide a turnkey EV charging solution to fit your needs.

Colleges & Universities
Whether for your own fleet vehicles or student, faculty and visitor parking, EV charging stations on campus provide an added benefit for all.

The PPR team will help assess your needs and design a system that can accommodate your current needs and provide for future expansion. Our team will also help you navigate the local permitting and incentive application process to take full advantage to all local, state and federal programs and tax credits available. There is no better time to install EV charging at your facility.

  • Attract high-value visitors and provide more amenities
  • Provide new revenue stream
  • Differentiate your facilities from competitors
  • Improve green / LEED standards
  • Take advantage of incentives and tax credits before they expire

Municipal EV Charging Solutions

Government buildings, town centers, public parking areas, parks, and department and other municipal facilities are all optimum EV charging locations. PPR has the experience working with municipalities of all sizes in the evaluation, design, installation and operation or EV charging stations.

PPR offers turnkey EV charging solutions for municipalities.

Residential EV Charging Solutions

Let the PPR team assist you in the selection and installation of an EV charging system that fits your EV and your home. Our experienced staff of engineers, installers and project managers will guide you every step of the way ensuring you select the right charger and right location for your lifestyle.

Whether you already have a charger for your EV or looking for help selecting the right home charger, PPR can help.

Contact us to learn more about our Residential EV charging solutions.